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3K Sub Thank You & Announcement -- Ask Us Anything

3,000! That's three THOUSAND subscribers! Though that may be small beans to many, to us, it means so much because in the time we've done the Do You Nerd channel we've built our variety brand on our own merit, without relying on huge channel shoutouts or chasing algorithms with drama or topical reliance, and have only ever been just ourselves. And you.


Those of you who have watched us, supported us, and befriended us--TRUE nerdlings who are here for more than clickbait titles and topics. It's YOU who have brought us this far and we cannot thank you enough for that support and for (hopefully) enjoying the stumbling ramblings of a duo of nerds like us. We don't do this for money or views (though it IS nice to know people are watching!) so we don't chase what's trendy or popular and just do our own thing, which is why it is without a doubt that those who've supported us truly are the best people out there.

Thank you for everything, all 3000+ of you!

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