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8BitDo Lite Bluetooth Gamepad - Sega Head

Updated: Nov 10, 2019

8BitDo are well known amongst retro gaming fan. 8Bit createvgreat quality third party controllers. Mostly for retro game consoles. Such as the 8BitDo SNES30, 8BitDo Gamecube and 8BitDo N64 controllers

8BitDo Switch

Today we are looking at something a little less retro. The 8BitDo Lite designed for 2D games on the Nintendo Switch and more!

One of the biggest issues with the standard Switch Joy Cons is the lack of a standard D-Pad. Could this 8BitDo solve that issue?

Here is a quick but detailed review for the Lite Bluetooth Gamepad by 8BitDo, is this a good controller for the price? Watch to find out

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