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A Metal Slime Draws Near!

Updated: Dec 18, 2019

Swords up and magic to the ready Nerdlings! It's the world of Dragon Quest and we are dragon warriors on the road to take down the nefarious Dragonlord himself! It's a perilous quest and we'll need to grind for experience but lo! For the elusive Metal Slime draws near!! Practically impossible to defeat, but worth every bit of level up goodness if you do!

It's All About Control

SquareEnix fans rejoice! This is the metal slime controller for the Playstation 2! Hori produced a blue and a silver colored controller to resemble the classic and adorable monster, the slime, from the long-running Dragon Quest series. This fully functional Dual Shock controller is form fitting to the hands and comes with a detachable cord so that the cute metal slime can rest on his Dragon Quest stand as an eye-catching display piece in your game room.

Make It A Party! We give you a "closer upper" look at the Hori Metal Slime controller but it's not the only one available for the PS2. Be on the lookout for the classic blue slime, also a Playstation 2 Dual Shock controller. Or, for the modern gamer, collector, and Dragon Quest fan, see our video of the Nintendo Switch slime controller. These are fun and functional and a must for the RPG fans in all of us as we play one of SquareEnix's most beloved epics!

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