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All in One Gaming Expo Norm Gaming Historian Panel

The man hardly needs any introduction--it's Norm, the Gaming Historian! The host of the documentary series focused on gaming history gave us a live presentation about The Express, the portable NES that was never meant to be. He also hosted a round of Jeopardy and put to test some audience members on their knowledge of obscure retro game history.

This was a fantastic panel thanks to the amazing crew of the All in One Gaming Expo. They put on a great family friendly event with vendors, crafters, and creators. Not only did they have an arcade on hand and space for tabletop gaming and esports, but they presented great panels with iconic YouTuber personalities like Norma Caruso here.

Do YOU have a favorite Gaming Historian episode? Let us know in the comments below. Also, make sure you support your local conventions and Nerdlings, do good and be good.

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