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Alucard Figure Unboxing -- Castlevania Netflix Series Toy

Castlevania the Netflix series is showing us just how amazing a gaming universe can transfer over to another medium with a little proper care. Not only have the Belmont clan been well received on the popular streaming service, but we've reach merch level! A set of three action figures have come out based on the Netflix Castlevania series and we picked up Alucard from our local GameStop.

Alucard? Son of Dracula?

The very same! AND the star of Symphony of the Night on the PS1 as well. Of course this vampire has been around since the days of Castlevania III on the original NES.

How'd They Do? The figure is incredible! Really nicely details and fantastic points of articulation. Alucard also has hands to change out for various posing purposes as well as a couple of blades for accessories.

But please, take a "closer upper" look for yourself and tell us what you think!

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