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Awesome Display Pieces by Crafty Nerds -- 3D Prints -- Nintendo Switch Manuals -- String Art

Sometimes the best part of a collection isn't solely the video games, comic books, or toys you have on display but rather HOW you display things. 3D Printing has allotted for so many cool and clever designs and our buddy Gary at RoXolid Productions made us the perfect display and containment piece for our Famicom Disk System games.

We're also showcasing the mini manual work by MBPUK who's had enough of Nintendo Switch games not having manuals and has done something about it. These full color booklets fit perfectly within Switch cases and really make the game look complete.

Finally, a little personal piece by Morgan and Corey of WallKnots on Etsy. We saw their work at the Midwest Gaming Classic in 2021 and not only did they gift a piece to John Riggs but our YouTuber pal Game Dad prompted us to get our own logo done after seeing how awesome his looks as well.

How about you? Do you nerd our for awesome and clever crafty pieces such as these?

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