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Baby Yoda -- The Child From the Mandalorian --Unboxing and Closer Upper

Hold onto your heartstrings nerdlings because the cuteness is about to tug on them all! We are giving you a closer upper look at the Child, aka Baby Yoda from the Disney+ series The Mandalorian. When you see how cute this plush toy is, you will understand why Mando was reluctant to hand over this particular bounty.

Star Wars Merch

We've all pretty much long accepted the fact that Disney and Lucas know how to merch out a franchise and Star Wars is the proof in the pudding. Just look at how adorable Baby Yoda is! The Child from the Mandalorian is making waves for good reason because those expressive eyes and that irresistible smile say it all. And if they don't then come the force abilities!

Baby Yoda

What do you think nerdlings? Is the Child really cute enough to merit the Mandalorian to put himself in the crosshairs? Did you pick up this plush toy from the Disney+ series, maybe from the store or even preordered in advance?

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