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Best Retro Console To Collect 2020

Retro Gaming is more popular now than it ever has been. This is great for the community with more and more retro gaming content being created every day. However when it comes to actually collecting retro video games it can get pretty expensive.

Retro Game Collecting on The Cheap

However not all retro game collecting needs deep pockets. If you pick the right console at the right time you can find yourself with great retro gaming haul for less than the price of a current gen release.

When I first started retro game collecting, one of the things I was most excited for was being able to get a load of the best video games ever made for not a lot of money. However when I started to look at the price of some of the cartridge classics from the 8bit and 16bit era, I found them to be a lot more expensive than I thought.

Best Retro Console 2019

Last year I discussed how the Playstation 2 was the best console to collect for in 2019 and this was largely down to the fact that it was the console with the largest selection of amazing games at the cheapest prices I could find. Many of the classics being no more than £1.

To this day the PS2 continues to be an excellent console to collect for with games to cover all retro gaming habits from amazing and cheap to super rare and expensive. However recently I have come across a new favourite console to collect for and one I would go so far as to say is the best console to collect for in 2020.

Hidden Gems

This retro gaming console is not the Playstation 1 however it has taken me back to those PS1 days of buying video games. The days where I would walk into a store and spend hours looking through the PS1 video game library. The thing about those games back then was that the developers seemed to take more chances and because of that we have weird and wonderful titles to choose form. Many that weren’t heavy publicised so taking a chance on them was always exciting and fun.

This retro video game console gives me that very same experience today. I’m able to walk into my local retro video game store and always know there’ll be another game I haven’t heard of before. A game that could be trash or could be a hidden gem.

Best Retro Gaming Console

You see one of the downsides for me when it comes to retro game hunting is that most of the games these days are well known and most of the hidden gems aren’t’ really that hidden anymore. But this console seems to somehow still keep that alive for me.

I think a large part of this is due to the fact that even though this console was big success it wasn’t all that popular amongst hardcore gamers at the time. It’s only really now that retro gamers are starting to understand the charm and appeal of this console. I think by now you know which console I’m talking about...

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