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Black Friday 2019 Pickups!!!

Updated: Dec 18, 2019

It's the season of giving and sometimes that to oneself because these deals are too good to pass up. Seriously though, Thanksgiving has come and gone and the holiday season is in full swing as Black Friday and Cyber Monday have made their rounds too. There are gifts and presents aplenty, but we're here to show you what's NOT a surprise as this is what we picked up for ourselves.

GameStop Had Deals!

That's right true believer, our local GameStop brick and mortar store had a bevy of Black Friday deals and it wasn't just pushing out the ThinkGeek merch--but there were some fantastic savings on video games, gaming consoles, and retro games galore! You know we've got to bulk up that collection with some games we missed, so of course we spent a lot of time buying retro with titles for the Wii, Wii U, and Nintendo DS with the buy one get one. It wasn't ALL BOGO Nintendo love though because we grabbed a few newer deals with GameStop having buy 2 get 1 on more modern offerings such as some PS4 entries. And of course, right back to Nintendo with a couple of Nintendo Switch games as well.

Local Specialty Shops

Generally we have good luck on Black Friday deals at local shops. In the past, our favorite comic book store, The Comic Cave, got lots of our money. But sadly they've closed and the "deals" at Vintage Stock and EntertainMart were hardly worthy of the Black Friday title. Regardless, we poked around and Lady Laci added some new Funko Pop figures to her own collection. Beyond the Funko love, more games were found and we finally added some Sega love to the video game Black Friday shopping spree.

What did YOU pick up? And did you do as we did and put family and friends first, hitting those sales later on? Or many you brought them with you and made this Black Friday a tradition!

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