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BransonCon 2020 -- Experience & Floor Tour

Currently, there are so many activities and events that are being shut down by the coronavirus (COVID-19) that we consider ourselves lucky to have managed to get into at least one convention this year before it too was shut down. This may be your only shot as well, so please, join us for our BransonCon floor tour and experience!

What's a Branson? Branson, MO is an entertainment destination with a myriad selection of live shows and amusement style activities. This is the second year for Branson Comic Con, a pop culture celebration with vendors, artists, creators, and celebrity talent and cosplayers filling the floor space. We give our honest take of the location they've selected for this year's event and touch on what the show had to offer. We're building a playlist of the variety of activities we took part in at this event including a panel with Kevin Sorbo of Hercules: The Legendary Journeys and Andromeda fame!

What'd You Pick Up?

Ha ha--spoilers--that's coming soon! But for now, feel as if you're at Branson Con with us as we tour the floor and show off some of the amazing creators on hand and talk to them personally! Plus, the cosplay--so many amazing cosplayers!

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