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BransonCon 2020 Pickups

We're winding down our Branson Comic Con coverage and it's time to take a look at what we picked up from, well, potentially our final convention of the 2020 year. We hope everybody is being safe and taking the proper and encouraged precautions to stay healthy and well. Of course we're going to miss the great deals and amazing finds from events and conventions such as this.

BransonCon--Once More?

Branson Comic Con is a yearly convention held in Branson, Mo. It embraces a wide variety of fandoms and offers on-site events such as LARPing as well as panels and meet and greets with celebrities such as Kevin Sorbo from Andromeda and Hercules: The Legendary Journeys. There are also a wide variety of vendors on hand with an incredible selection of goodies!

So, What'd You Get? Ah, ah, ah--spoilers! Watch the video to see what we picked up this year from BransonCon! Might be a little something for the LEGO fans, the God of War fans, or fans of art prints--be on the look out for some X-Men and Bowsette love! Plus, one of our newest artistic favorites and his comics!

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