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Bruce Holt Promo -- Cosplayer and Master Builder

This is a bit of a different and experimental project. Bruce Holt of Crazy Costumes is a cosplayer and master builder in the craft of costume play. He reached out to us to put together a promo piece for him; something that would introduce somebody to him as well as show what his classes entail. This was something out of the norm for us and out of our comfort zone, but we were up to the challenge and with his permission are sharing the final result.

Promo Piece?

That's right--Bruce Holt of Crazy Costumes wanted to shed a little light on what he does, what he creates, and what he's capable of. He not only builds incredible cosplay pieces for himself but also works with fellow cosplayers in the community to create wearable pieces of art. We encourage you go look him up on Facebook to get a glimpse of some of his work.

What About Classes?

Forged In Foam is a series of classes headed by Bruce Holt and his team that helps to train you with how-tos of costume design and building. We've attended the Shield Maker course and the Bracer Course and walked away with stunning pieces of our own. We encourage anybody with the slightest interest in cosplay to give these classes some consideration!

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