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Castle Muskogee RenFest 2022 VLOG & Pickups

Huzzah Nerdlings! Renaissance Faire season is upon us and our first stop of the year is to the Castle Muskogee in Oklahoma, one of our favorite ren-fests to visit. We brought along Lady Laci's father and sister this time for their first visit as well and encourage YOU to visit a renfest and/or take someone you think would enjoy it! These medieval and fantasy based events are full of various entertainment from music to comedy acts as well as all manner of stunt and variety performances. There's also food--oh the food! The treats to be had at a Renaissance festival is often hard to be beat anywhere else. There's always so much shopping too, whether it something themed out to a point in history or something catering to you fandoms, the artisans and crafters on hand will astound you!

Join us for our 2022 tour of the faire grounds and then leave a comment below to what you think of any of our pickups--anything we got, or passed up, catch YOUR eye?

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