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Closer Upper -- Epic Monster Tea Party Overview & Gameplay -- Tabletop Game

You strike fear into those who would dare come to your labyrinth. You thirst for the unlucky fighters, wizards, and heroes who would be so bold to step foot into your domain. YOU are a monster!! And it's time for a tea party!! Invite your monstrous friends and neighbors over for this Epic Monster Tea Party by Playco Games!

Tabletop Time!

If you're a fan of tabletop gaming, card games, and board games, you deserve to give Epic Monster Tea Party a look. This is a fast paced, easy to learn and quick to set up tabletop offering by Playco Games where you select a monster, take turns drawing hero meeples from the labyrinth bag, and adding them to your tea for flavor and points. But you have to watch out for other monsters who may steal from your cup or even cause you to spill! Epic Monster Tea Party makes for a fun game on the go with bright and clever monster cards as well as easy to bag meeples, or hero tokens. Each token has a special ability and point value printed on them to help make the rules simple to grasp and keep gameplay quick and devious.

Cheers! Best of all, Playco Games has a Kickstarter going on until the end of February 2020 to add additional monsters to the game to help it support more players. There are additional stretch goals so please, click through to see those tiers as well. Furthermore, Epic Monster Tea Party is a great family game for most ages, with the streamlined rules and brevity of setup and play format. This is the perfect game for friends or family gatherings as well as on the go play!

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