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Closer Upper -- NECA Toys Jason Voorhees Figures -- Friday the 13th

You find yourself at Camp Crystal Lake and you hear mother's voice calling to you. The familiar ki, ki, ki and ma, ma, ma echoes in your mind. You must have Jason Voorhees on the brain and it's no wonder--there always seems to be a Friday the 13th just around the corner.

Fortunately you don't have to get your hands messy with a bunch of teens and camp counselors because NECA toys have brought the main main home in richly detailed, finely articulated, and fantastically posable action figures! And the weapons! So many accessories for you Crystal Lake Killer! Best of all, NECA has a long line of Jason Voorhees figures so there's a good chance that your favorite Friday the 13th film has been represented here!

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