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Comics! Toys! Collectibles! Artists! It's SWMO!!

Updated: Dec 18, 2019

What in the world is "SWMO?" It's the Southwest Missouri Micro Con! This is a local convention put on by STL Comics, right here in Southwest Missouri. In the video you will see rows and rows of comic books for sale. Some are graded and proudly on display, while other comics are meant to be dug for, either on board or not. If you're patient and willing to search, you're bound to find a deal or two.

Not Just Comic Books

Not by a long shot! There are toys aplenty here! There's a nice selection of newer action figures such as the Marvel Legends line as well as unopened DC Universe figures. Plenty of vintage toys are even on hand and still on card. Your fandom is bound to find something you like in the toy market, whether it's Masters of the Universe for all of you MOTU collectors, or TMNT for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle fans in us all. G.I. Joe figures and vehicles can team up with similar Star Wars pieces and make Cobra and the Empire surrender!

Something About Talent?

If you've not yet seen the amazing work by Ryan Kincaid then you are in for a treat! A freelance artist who has worked on Zenescope comics as well as indie titles and a man who brings sexy new life to all of your favorites.

Cullen Bunn--the writer who doesn't sleep, or so his pedigree of titles such as Deadpool and X-Men would make you believe. He's also a prolific horror writer with a fantastic new project with his friends, "Graveyard Slaughter."

And so many more! Steven Butler, Cesar Crawford, Brian Wilson, and Lagen Chase!

Support YOUR Local Conventions!

We cannot stress enough how much it helps when you support your local conventions such as these. Local artists and writers and incredible talent is always on hand. These events are fantastic ways to find great deals on new collectibles for your shelves. And it's all about community, meeting up with con friends or vendors who cross paths with you at other convention circuits. Show your support and keep these conventions coming back!

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