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Double Tag -- Part 1 -- Gorgeous Looking Consoles

Fellow YouTuber mtshark7 showed off the 5 consoles he thinks to look the best--regardless of tech, games, or success. After showing of his picks he tossed out a couple of tags and now it's our turn to show off our top 5 most gorgeous looking consoles!

Top 5? Top 10?

Yeah, you got us there. We couldn't fully agree on 5 together so we each did our own. This was a tricky tag because the more we began to look over consoles, the more we began to realize and appreciate the design qualities in these gaming machines. We didn't ONLY focus on consoles and considered handhelds too, but that almost feels like a whole other topic.

Retro or Modern? Ha ha--good question but don't worry, we have got you covered with both. We're looking at machines from the 70s to machines from last year and everything in between. We left this on an open tag as well. This is a fun topic to consider and we would love to hear or better yet, see your choices. Leave a link to your response videos in the video comment section!

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