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Double Tag -- Part 2 -- Collection Habits, History & Now

Fellow YouTuber mtshark7 got us again with another tag and this time it was a full on discussion piece. He shared his over on his video (like in the video description) and is asking about our collection habits, how we got into collecting, and where we are now in collecting versus where we were when we began. Whoa, that's heavy! Collection Habits...Like Tips?

Sort of. Mostly it's admitting that we adhere to the tried and true formulas of being cheap and especially being patient. Doing the legwork at yard sales, garage sales, swap meets, flea markets, and thrift shops. Or being quick to the draw on Facebook Marketplace, Mercari, letgo and similiar sites. Also, courteous reminders to keep those purchases clean--even more important now than ever before.

Your Origin Story?

Pretty much. We look back on how we got into collecting and how it's shaped itself and changed throughout our lives, often adhering to our lifestyles, whether it was during childhood and having no finances to being teenagers with limited finances to adults with ideals of needing to be responsible and what? Who are these nerds anyway!?

This is another open tag video so if you would like to share a video response, feel free to leave a link to yours in our video's comments so we can all come check out your story!

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