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Game On! Video Games Monthly Unboxing -- March 2020

Get your green on, grab a pint, and follow the rainbow to this month's box of gaming gold! It's time for VGM and we're showing you what Video Games Monthly sent us in the month of March 2020!

Sharing is Caring

There's no race to the pot of gold here; no nefarious leprechaun out to trick you out of gaming wishes. No catch at all! Video Games Monthly is a subscription service that sends retro games straight to you! Sign up on their website, pick how many games you want to receive each month, from only 3 up to 10 and YOU choose which systems! Intellivision, Atari, NES, Sega--all the way up to the WiiU and PS3 if you like. Populate their online list of the games you already have to avoid receiving duplicates and you're ready to go!

Send Them Back When? Never! These are yours to keep! Retro gaming goodness straight to your home keeps you safe when you have to shelter in place from any sort of virus. Avoid the masses and play the classics! VGM!

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