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Games We Would NEVER Get Rid Of -- Tagged by J-Chip Show

Oh snap--fellow YouTuber J-Chip Show called us out and wanted to know 3-5 games we would NEVER get rid of! Naturally if the need was ever great enough, of course so, so many responsibilities come before gaming, but it's still a fun thought to consider--what would be the last pieces of the collection to go?

Retro Games? Modern Games?

Actually it is a little bit of both. We're lifelong gamers so you're bound to see games that run that gamut of our video game and retro gaming careers. Of course that may have made it even harder to narrow down the selection!

Who Did You Tag?

This has been going around a bit now and we didn't want to hit up somebody who's already answered and didn't want to double tag somebody while leaving someone else out, so we left this open. Choosing which games you would "never" get rid of is too fun of a topic to not share in the community,so let's here it in the comments or better yet, in a response video what games you would "never" get rid of?

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