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Gaming Challenge - 3 Games I'd Give Away and 3 I Wouldn't

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

I got challenged to the 3 game giveaway. Then, I was challenged to the 3 games I’ll never give away. What’s a boy to do? Well, combine them both into one fun challenge video.

Worst Retro Games

Today I talk about 3 games that I would readily get rid of. Retro games that I don't particularly like. Some are outright terrible video games. However there's one in here that might upset a few of you. But I'm a troll, that's what a troll is meant to do!

Best Retro Games

I also talk about 3 games that I’ll never let leave my collection. Are these some of the best retro games ever made? Hell yeah they are! One in particular is just so outright fracking cool you practically drive the thing! But what do you think? Make sure to let me know what games you would never let leave your gaming grip!!!!!

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