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Geekmas 2019

Updated: Jan 2, 2020

Geekmas is an often holiday themed micro convention local to our area. This event is put on by local geeky themed podcasters Fanactics and the Fan with help from the Pop Goes the Culture Podcast and Nerd Informants. This is a prime example of fun, geeky and nerdy communities coming together to host an event to celebrate various fandoms! It also came with a strong message of support and giving as you could donate to Toys For Tots.

What To Expect When Geeking Out

You can often expect to see a few lines of vendors with all variety of nerdy and geeky merch and crafts for sale when you come to conventions and Geekmas delivered! This was also a great chance to be introduced to or follow up on the work of local authors and illustrators alike! There were video games on hand, both for the console gamers as well as the arcade crowd with a couple of 1-Up Arcade machines! Or maybe you prefer your gaming to be tabletop with deck building or board game offerings. And naturally there are awesome cosplayers on hand and even a photo op with Mickey Mouse!

Support Local Conventions!

These events are put on by fans and for the fans of all things nerdy, geeky, and fun. These are like-minded people enjoying their fandoms and the best support is simply attending and showing that YOU are interested. It helps to grow, both the convention and the fandom community!

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