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Greater Garage Sale & Marketplace 2020 -- TLC Pickups & Floor Tour

The Greater Garage Sale and Marketplace is an annual tradition in our area where vendors aplenty gather together under one roof to help you scratch that garage sale itch during the cold months. Often as is the case with a garage sale set up, this is a great chance to strike a bargain and score some great deals!

Get Your Thrift On!

Looking less like a yard sale, the Greater Garage Sale and Marketplace certainly carries a bit of a flea market or swap meet feel to it. Being indoors during the winter also allows you the time to really dive into the bins and look over the tables to put your thrifting skills to the test.

What Did We Find?

We found a little bit of everything at this swap meet! There were lots of retro toys and plenty of VHS movies and vinyl albums on hand to satisfy your nostalgic needs. Comic books and collectibles of all kinds! There were even samples of homemade foods like dip mixes and coffee drinks. Naturally one our of first stop was the video game table to see what we could add to the game room! Nintendo, Sega, Playstation--even some old school love and we don't mean Atari!

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