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Harry & the Potters--Live at LibraryCon!

Our local library hosts a yearly event simply called LibraryCon that serves as a fun gathering of things nerdy, geeky, and promotes local authors and illustrators as well as encouraging attendees to look into and join area groups. LibraryCon is an incredible way to meet with prolific authors such as Cullen Bunn or artists like Blacky Shepherd! And this year they upped the entertainment value with a one-night only concert by Harry and the Potters!

Wizard Rock

Harry and the Potters are from Norwood, MA and spawned a genre of music called wizard rock. Primarily the group consists of brothers Joe and Paul DeGeorge but a wide range of musicians back them up for elaborate and energetic performances. With thumping sounds themed out to the book series of Harry Potter, these Wizarding World maestros also dazzle with spectacular props that gets everybody involved.

Start LibraryCon in YOUR Area!

We often encourage people to share our LibraryCon coverage videos with their own local libraries in an effort to encourage more facilities to host events like this. The library is still an amazing resource for information, but entertainment as well with movies, games, even anime and manga and comics and graphic novels. It's a fantastic place to fan the flames of fandom and are always so relaxing just to spend the afternoon in. Let's make LibraryCon happen near you!

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