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Herculean Panel!

If you grew up in the 90s then there's a good chance you were a fan of Hercules: The Legendary Journeys! This Action Pack series began as a series of 5 made-for-TV films to introduce us to Kevin Sorbo as the half-man half-god son of Zeus as he took us on a myriad of mythological adventures against Greek mythology staples like the cyclops, centaurs, and even Aries himself. With the help of Iolaus and Xena, the Warrior Princess of the Amazon, Hercules served up weekly adventures when the TV series kicked out 6 seasons of truly legendary journeys!

The OG God of War

Ha--Kratos? He's got nothing on Hercules--except maybe that time in God of War III when he took down the mythical hero--as voiced by Kevin Sorbo in fact! In this BransonCon 2020 panel, Kevin Sorbo, the conventions headliner guest, shares so many incredible stories. He speaks of his time before Hercules and during his days of modeling and just starting out acting for Target commercials. He speaks of meeting his wife, a guest star on Hercules: The Legendary Journeys. He even shares his passion for faith based pursuits as well as opening up about the health issues that he never let stop him.

Give It A Listen

This is a panel from BransonCon 2020 and as such it is a longer form video--but there's not much you're going to visually miss besides Kevin Sorbo glowing (or is that the spotlight?). We hope you give it a listen though as the man who will always be OUR Hercules shares so many amazing stories through his godly days, Andomeda, and beyond!

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