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Hercules Answers YOUR Questions!

One of the highlight events of BransonCon 2020 was the Kevin Sorbo VIP Experience. Branson Comic Con had scored the main man, half god himself from Hercules: The Legendary Journeys for their convention! Kevin Sorbo was on hand for autographs, photo ops, and he even had multiple panels, talking about his Hollywood career as well as his book line.

VIP -- Hercules & Chill

If fans sprung for the VIP Experience with Kevin Sorbo, this meant you got some popcorn, a drink, and a seat in the theater to watch, alongside Hercules himself, an episode of Hercules: The Legendary Journeys. Kevin Sorbo even commented live on the episode Prince Hercules, the episode in which he met his wife Sam Sorbo.

You've Got Questions -- He's Got Answers

Best of all, while setting up for the commentary episode viewing, Kevin Sorbo gave people time to come to the theater be hosting an impromptu Q & A session. We were all snug in our seats and barely got the camera out in time, so expect a little bit of shakiness to it--but enjoy the Kevin Sorbo Q&A from the BransonCon 2020 VIP Experience!

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