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How NOT to Run a YouTube Channel -- Panel with Show Me Retro -- All in One Gaming Expo 2023

The incredible hosts of All in One Gaming Expo 2023 invited us and Patrick of Show Me Retro to hold a panel at their first year convention and it was absolutely an honor. We put together a talk of how NOT to run a YouTube channel based on our personal experiences in content creation.

This is meant to be a look at, from what we've learned, does and does NOT work in the YouTube space. However, it also delves into why we may do things differently despite "knowing better" and the pros and cons of shooting for creator success versus enjoying a community driven hobby. What are the trade offs in finding a niche versus a variety approach that encompasses all of your interests?

Spoilers--we want this to be fun, but we also want our time, work and effort to amount to something, even if that's the connections we've made through this platform that may have otherwise been impossible friendships to form.

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