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Intellivision Amico

What is the Intellivision Amico? Are there any good Intellivision Amico games coming out? And what will the Intellivison Amico price be? In 2018 Tommy Tallarico announced the Intellivison Amico. Since then we have had a number of details. Including an Intellivision Amico trailer. And some Intellivision Amico specs.

Intellivison Amico Games

So far we have had some interesting information about the Amico games, including some clips of Intellivision Amico gameplay. Including Intellivision Amico Moon Patrol and Intellivision Amico skiing. We have even heard details about the first exclusive for the console. Intellivison Amico Earthworm Jim 3!

Intellivision Amico Interview

In 2019 we found out even more details about the Intellivision Amico in an Interview with Tommy Tallarico. It is clear that Tommy is serious about the Intellivison Amico and not just seeing it as a quick cash in.

When the Intellivision Amico UK release occurs I will definitely be checking it out. It sounds like a console that will be perfect to enjoy with the family. So much in fact that I think I will be putting my Intellivision pre order in.

The Intellivision Amico reddit is a great source of information. However if you want a summary of all of the latest details, then kick off your shoes and relax your socks.

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