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Intellivision Amico UK

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

The Intellivision Amico is an upcoming console in 2020 that promises to bring back good old fashioned gaming to the home. The brain child of Tommy Tallarico and continuing the name of the original Intellivision. The Intelliviison Amico games focus on co op, family fun gameplay and hope to maximise on the casual gamer market.

Intellivision Amico Preorder

The Intellivision Amico price has been stated at about the $249 mark. I'm really excited for the Intellivision Amico release date. However one question has been on my mind and that is Intellivision Amico UK? By that I mean, is the UK getting the Intellivision Amico?

Until now I'd just assumed we were. However I realised this was just an assumption. So I decided to go straight to Tommy Tallarico and ask the question. And in good old Tommy Tallarico fashion he was swift to reply...

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