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It's OVER 3000!!! Games That Is!

Updated: Dec 18, 2019

That is right nerdlings! The video game collection has surpassed the 3000s and this is a huge milestone!! Retro game collecting is rarely about the numbers because these collections have meaning to them. Every game, no matter how small or large a collection it's part of, tells a story of nostalgia in the history of building the game collection.


With any collection, be it toys, comic books, video games or so on, milestones come in a variety of forms. Sometimes they can be a simple number, such as this. Other times they are the completion of a subset. Grail pieces finally obtained, or just a nostalgic addition of something fairly common but finally back in the collector's arms. While every piece of a collection comes with a story, it's the milestones that break these tales off into chapters.

A Little Something Extra

The point of this video is to showcase what video game we've chosen to represent that 3000th game mark, but it comes with a little bit extra. Spoilers--we already have this game and we're breaking a rule of ours by "counting it twice." But this is more of a pageantry entry as we've already surpassed that 3000 count. This game comes with something a little extra for all those Nintendo fans who grew up with their own NES and maybe who got to unbox their own gaming console and made a new friend in a Robotic Operating Buddy.

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