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JLuv81 MEGA Unboxing!!

Community supporting one another and promoting positivity! One of the best things about YouTube content creation has been the opportunity we've been given to make the friends we have here. Amazing fellow creators who are passionate about their craft and interests and just incredible and thoughtful individuals! Big shout out to our girl JLuv81 who sent us a care package full of all kinds of goodies!

YouTuber JLuv81

You would be hard pressed to find another YouTuber as kind and caring, fun, funny, and tenderhearted as our girl JLuv. She truly believes in and supports promote positivity, a message we try to carry on and help make loud and clear on YouTube. This community is filled with fellow YouTubers who, just like JLuv81, can make a difference by making the online world a more positive and caring place for other viewers and content creators alike. This is our community and we've got to take care of one another!

Surprise Unboxing!

We were given a tracking number and nothing more from JLuv81 until this box arrived and she FILLED this thing with all kinds of goodies! If you're a fan of the NES and Nintendo games--you're covered. Mario fandom or rom hack collector? Check! Zelda fan, especially of Link's Awakening--you've got it! And candy--glorious CANDY!

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