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JoMoCon 2022 -- Nerdling Correspondent Jazz B on the Scene!

We can't be everywhere at once so Nerdling Correspondent and Cosplayer extraordinaire Jazz B had us covered in checking out the first year of JoMoCon. This local convention wasn't even held in one place but through multiple venues. We're seeing toys, books, miniatures, lots of tabletop love, and even cosplay!! Plus, is that Dr. Strange enjoying a coffee? Gotta stay caffeinated to hold back a multiverse of madness!!

Huge thank you to Jazz for not only covering this event, getting footage, but also putting it together to present this to you! Please be sure to check out her social medias and as always, support your local conventions!!

Jazz B: IG/TikTok/FB: @nerdyblasiancosplays

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