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Kansas City Renaissance Festival 2022 -- Tour & Pickups

Huzzah our nerdling lords and ladies and welcome to our annual visit to the Kansas City Renaissance Festival! We love a good visit to the faire and when it's fall and the autumn weather is just right, there's hardly anything more perfect than visiting a medieval village festival amidst the forest and falling leaves. The bardcore music wafts through the air alongside the wonderful smells of roast beast! Vendors and cast in costume as well as visitors alike have come dressed up for the occasion and welcome you verily!

We hope this video gives you just a glimpse of what to expect from this ren-faire in it's 45th year of operation. Hopefully it encourages to get out and check out a local one if not this location itself. Perhaps some of the wares on hand caught your eye? Maybe the various activities for you and the kids alike? Or the shows and entertainment?

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