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LEGO Toy Story Video Game

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

Each Toy Story video game has been a unique and varied experience. Covering multiple gameplay styles.

Toy Story 4 Video Game

So with that in mind I was really excited for the Toy Story 4 video game. However we never got one. Now it seems like we will never see a Toy Story 4 video game. However I think it is highly possible that we may see a LEGO Toy Story video game.

LEGO Toy Story Game

The LEGO video games have a long history. Covering multiple franchises from Star Wars to The Incredibles. However lately there may be some issues for future LEGO video games.

So today let's discuss how awesome a Toy Story LEGO video game would be. Why we need a LEGO Toy Story video game. The difficulties behind getting one from Warner Brothers Interactive and a light at the end of the tunnel that makes me hopeful we will see a Toy Story LEGO The Video Game.

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