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Life In Gaming - Game Story - Gaming Off The Grid

It's that time again for a nostalgic trip down retro gaming memory lane.

Sit back, kick off your shoes, relax your sock and pour yourself a beer if you care to while Wes and Robert take us through their game story!

Retro Gaming Nostalgia

It's been an absolute pleasure having my Retro Refresh brothers and good friends Gaming Off The Grid take us through their retro gaming memories. When I first came across the retro gaming content on GotG, something stood out. Two retro gaming enthusiasts that were sharing their love for retro games in a fun and professional way. From the outset the love and passion for retro gaming has always been at the forefront of Wes and Roberts content. It was seeing the early days of Gaming Off The Grid and interacting with them that helped the decision of putting more focus onto the Chronik Spartan channel. Previously it was more a channel to support just the indie games I'm working on. However seeing the commitment and attention to detail GotG put into their retro game reviews and content gave me a different perspective on the art form of retro game content.

It's been an absolute pleasure working with and alongside these guys as we follow our path along with the rest of our Retro Refresh family to make the best retro gaming content we can. Therefore they make the perfect guests to find out a little bit more about their retro gaming memories.

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