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Limited Run Games Pickup & Collector's Edition Unboxing -- TLC Tom & Laci Collect

It's time for Tom & Laci collecting and this time we're opening some recent deliveries from Limited Run Games (okay, so we're a little behind but recent-ish). LRG is a fantastic company that brings digital and indie games to a physical format. They also re-release older and sometimes harder to find games to modern gaming platforms such as the PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch and Xbox consoles. In this video we're looking at The Takeover, a classic style beat-em-up side scroller in the same style of Streets of Rage. We also have a murder mystery live action interactive movie game in Erica. Finally, we're unboxing a collectors edition for To The Moon, a sprite based story adventure oozing with 16 bit nostalgic goodness.

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