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Limited Run JUMANJI: The Video Game Collector's Edition (Nintendo Switch)

The beat of the drums; the call of the wild; adventure awaits you! JUMANJI! Being fans of the films, from the original Jumanji up to both sequels, Welcome To The Jungle and The Next Level, and as fans of the tabletop versions as well, the Limited Run Collector's Edition was a must for us! Join us for the unboxing to see what goodies are inside!

Limited Run Collector's Edition

We are also fans of Limited Run and the digital only games that they put out with a new physical life format. On top of that, this company often nails it with special editions or collector's editions. Jumanji begins in a big box format that mimics the classic board game and would already look at home with your tabletop collection. Inside is the Nintendo Switch copy of Jumanji as well as additional surprises!

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