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Linda the Gamer Girl Loot Unboxing!

Who doesn't love getting mail? Better still is when that mail is packages and from one of your favorite YouTubers who's sending some sweet loot your way! Linda aka the Gamer Girl knows us too well in fact! Just check out the awesome goodies box she sent us! Do you like Pokemon and PIkachu? Maybe a Friday the 13th fan and enjoy some Jason Voorhees? Maybe you're a fan of the merc with a mouth--cause she loaded us up with sweet Deadpool merch!

Linda the Gamer Girl?

If you haven't checked out Linda's page then you are missing out! She is so fun and vibrant and always uploads great content twice a week. She often checks out arcades and barcades to give you a glimpse of what's out there and reviews them. She also does plenty of gameplay videos from a vast variety of games and really lives up to that Gamer Girl moniker.

Community Support! This is a fine example of a community coming together and showing the kinds of bonds and friendships that are formed even without (yet) meeting these great content creators in person! Please, go check out Linda aka the Gamer Girl--tell her Do You Nerd sent you, and show her some support!

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