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Magic Gifts & Trades for GOLD -- Mailin' Mail from Viracy & VKQ YouTubers

Another amazing set of packages from truly awesome people in this community!

Viracy had a little something special that made him think of us and our Harry Potter and Wizarding World fandoms, and believe me it could not have gone to a better home, that's for sure! We also had the honor of meeting him at a past MoGameCon and really hope it's not the last time we cross paths. Until then, please, check out the link below to his channel and tell him Do You Nerd sent ya!

Next, we made a trade with the ever awesome family of nerdlings VKQ Interests & Adventures! Not only do Valerie, Keith & Quinn have as many (if not more) nerdy interests than us, but they're just as busy, always hitting up arcades and local events. They had some Mario coin duplicates that we set up a trade for, but naturally being the super amazing crew they are, they packed a box FULL of goodies for us! Check out what's inside, then go check them out!

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