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Mailin' Mail -- UNBOXING -- Gift From Retro Pixel Unboxing

It's another mail call and this time the mailin' mail shout out goes to fellow YouTuber Retro Pixel! James is our nerdling to the North in Canada and he contacted us to ask if he could send a box our way--and it is packed with goodies! We're talking games, we've got toys--and even a few treats! Retro Pixel really nailed it with this variety of action figures and handheld games--all things we did NOT yet have in our collection.

Tell Us More About Retro Pixel

Our fellow collector is always on the hunt for retro gaming goodness but like us he also makes space for other collectibles. Retro Pixel also does reviews and unboxings as well as on-location videos showcasing the places he finds his next great piece.

A Little Bit of Everything

That's right--because variety is the spice of life and collecting multiple things helps us avoid burnout in the collecting scene. Plus, toys and games and seriously just too cool and so much fun to pass up!

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