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Mailin' Mail -- Unboxing Sega Head Goodies

Retro Refresh unite! Not only has Sega Head made his triumphant return to YouTube with new videos and content, but he also sent us a goodies box and let me tell you--this thing is PACKED with candy and chocolate and retro gaming goodness! Join us in this special Mailin' Mail unboxing!

Sega Head

The man, the myth, the head for all things Sega, especially when it comes to the Sega Master System. No worries though as everything from the Genesis or Mega Drive all the way to the Saturn and Dreamcast are all part of Sega Head's retro gaming fandom.

What'd He Send?

Actually, this box is from both him and his wife, who has the channel Pissed Off Togepi. They were kind enough to cater to our love of sweets with a bevy of chocolates as well as our own fandoms such as Harry Potter and the Wizarding World. Of course there is some gaming goodness too and retro gaming love doesn't get much better than this!

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