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Medievil PS4 - Sega Head

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

Medievil was one of those games that came out of nowhere! Released for the PlayStation back in 1998. Medievil was a perfect blend of spooky, creepy and funny. As you controlled Sir Daniel Fortesque through a hack and slash adventure full of quirky dark fun.

Medievil PSP

Medievil was so well received it went on to have a great sequel, Medievil 2 on the Playstation and a not so great remake for the PSP.

Despite the underwhelming remake on the PSP, Medievil remains one of the best Sony gaming franchises. So I was equally excited and nervous when I heard about the latest Medievil PS4 remake.

Medievil Remake

But does the Medievil PS4 remake do the original justice. Or does it miss the mark like the Medievil PSP remake?

Remade from the gem on the Playstation 1 but can it really live up to the quality of the beloved PS1 classic? Let's see if it really is that good. Sir Daniel Fortesque is back from the dead and this time he's more then just a corpse made from rubbish polygons

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