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Mega Man Minute Episode 4 -- Eric of @Retro Gaming Pandemic

Mega Man made his debut in December 1987. This means in 2022 we are celebrating 35 years with Capcom's blue bomber. This run and gun action platformer has transcended not only console generations but gameplay varieties as well. Starting out as an 8 bit sprite on the original NES, this boy in blue hit the ground running and brought multiple sequels to the Nintendo Entertainment System before also breaking ground on the Game Boy, Super Nintendo and even the Sony Playstation. He's made an appearance in fighting games alongside his Street Fighter brothers and sisters; he's been in animated features; he's even heralded his own series of manga and comic books, all showing there's no stopping this robotic hero in his never-ending quest to stop Dr. Wily.

Join us in this series as we share our Mega Man fandom, collection, and memories with you. Also, each episode will feature a special guest star from our YouTube family as they wax nostalgic with us and share what Mega Man means to them.

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