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MoGameCon 2022 -- Floor Tour -- Weekend Hang Out -- Road Trip

et's face it--NOBODY does convention videos like Do You Nerd does! We don't just show off the event to you, we take you on a journey with us and by the end, you feel as if you were there hanging out with the whole gang!

Welcome to MoGameCon, Missouri's largest video game convention! Vendors, cosplay, trivia, gameshows, contests, giveaways--this event has it all whether you love retro games from Nintendo's NES and back to Atari, Intellivision and arcades to modern Sony and Microsoft offerings like the PS4, PS5, Xbox 360, and series X. Collectibles like gaming signs and toys and action figures; plushies, perlers, and hard to find rare consoles and handhelds alike. Join us as we share our MoGameCon weekend experience.

We take you on a floor tour as well as show you the hang out that is a traditional visit to the barcade Two Plumbers. Plus, we have a blast getting our game AND music on with our buddies at our AirBnB. And as a bonus, you're coming with us for our road trip home which even includes a brief look at Uranus!

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