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Mur Crate -- Unboxing a gift from Emceemur!

Community!!! That is what makes this YouTube journey so endearing and so much fun! A strong-knit and supportive community of like minded nerdlings who are always watching out for one another. This time around we are featuring a gift from Emceemur, one of the premiere figures in this retro gaming community and your source for a wide base of gaming knowledge.

Emceemur, the Man, the Myth

This vintage computing, D&D havoc wreaking, rap blasting retro gaming aficionado can take you on a journey through the hallowed halls of home computer gaming consoles with machines you've only heard of in fables. Yet he's no stranger in the ways of modern gaming with his day one unboxings for special editions and collector's sets. Emceemur is rocking the nerd world in a way you'll find entertaining and informative.

What's a Mur Crate?

Some time ago we had some doubles in a lot of Atari 400 games and knew just the home they needed and ever since then, Emceemur has wanted to send a Mur Crate our way. We finally have it and it's packed with goodies for the Nintendo fan all the way down to some Dreamcast love! What do you think? Is the Mur Crate a win or just a poop sandwich?

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