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Neosho ArtCon 2020 - Neosho Arts Council - Floor Tour, Pickups, & Experience

It begins! Convention time! We starting our 2020 con year off with a trip to Neosho ArtCon. This event is put on by the Neosho Arts Council and is community driven to raise money to get kids out on field trips as well as to help restore local historical murals. 2020 marks the second year for Neosho ArtCon and this event has already outgrown its previous location and looks to do the same with this one as well.

Parker Lewis Can't Lose!

Attention 90's TV fans! There are some shows that just shimmer a reflection of their decade and Parker Lewis Can't Lose was one of those. Essentially imagine Ferris Bueller in his own TV series and you're on the right track. The titular star, as well as an incredible actor who showed up on Stargate SG-1, Supernatural, and many, many more, Corin Nemec was on hand for photo ops and autographs. Croin Nemec is probably one of THE nicest people we've had the honor to meet and we were lucky enough to catch his panel too!

Spend a Day at a Convention

Easy peasy! Vendors have retro toys, new collectibles from Marvel Legends and Funko Pops to the latest wrestlers and Hot Wheels. Comics and graphic novels from the commons to the Stan Lee signed variety. Handmade crafts and homemade goodies are everywhere! And the cosplayers! They are killing it this year, both on the floor and in the cosplay contest! Don't forget the talented artists, writers, and creators on hand and ready to tide you over until the next event with gorgeous art prints and gripping new novels!

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