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Nerdgins -- UK Treats Taste Testing -- Trying Goodies from the Sega Head Box

The UK and the US have their share of delicious treats and thanks to Sega Head and his wife Pissed Off Togepi we get to try some! We've got a variety of candy bars and chocolates by Cadbury as well as some Kinder Happy Hippos and Nutella B Read bars. Plus there's some Harry Potter and Wizarding World goodies such as Bertie Botts, Jelly Slugs, and a chocolate frog!

Wait--What's a Nerdgin? That's just our term for something new-to-us. It may not be brand new, but we're the ones just now getting around to it. It could be a TV series from years ago, a movie from last decade, or even games from before the new millenium. In this case it's candies from the United Kingdom that we don't necessarily see here in America.

Sega Head & Pissed Off Togepi

That's right, our nerdling power couple from across the pond not only sent us a care package recently loaded to the brim with everything from Amiibo to Sega Master System supplies, but they also squeezed in a variety of treats and goodies for us to try--just because they're such sweethearts!

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