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Nintendo.... Mario NEEDS A New look

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

Nintendo, we believe it's time to change up the look of Mario. Mario has looked the same for 17 years! It's time to spice it up! We get that Mario is an iconic brand and we aren't asking for a total overhaul just change it up in the video games! Zelda/Link has changed an evolved throughout the years, why not Mario?!

History Of Mario's Look

Mario first appeared in the arcade game, "Donkey Kong" in 1981. He is portrayed wearing red overalls and a blue shirt. And fun fact, he actually didn't have the name Mario in that game. He was called "Jumpman." He was given the name Mario in 1982 in the arcade game "Donkey Kong Junior." In Donkey Kong Junior he is still wearing red overalls and a blue shirt.

In 1983, "Mario Bros." came out in the arcades and we had the intruduction of Mario's brother, Luigi. In Mario Bros. Mario switched colors and he had blue overalls with a red shirt. Could this be the birth of his iconic look?

In 1985 the iconic "Super Mario Bros. was released on the NES, and was the first time Mario was on home consoles. In Super Mario Bros. Mario goes back to red overalls with a greenish/brownish shirt.

In 1988 "Super Mario Bros. 2" came out on the NES. Mario is wearing red overalls and a blue shirt. Later that year "Super Mario Bros. 3 came out on the NES. And would you look at that? Mario's colors switch! He now has blue overalls and a red shirt. Sound familiar? Ever since Super Mario Bros. 3 his colors haven't changed. But he still looked different from game to game...that is until 2002 when Super Mario Sunshine came out on the Nintendo GameCube. Ever since Super Mario Sunshine came out Mario has looked the same. That is 17 years of no change. Even the games are starting to get stale and cookie cutter. With the release of New Super Mario Bros., New Super Mario Bros. Wii, New Super Mario Bros. 2, and New Super Mario Bros. U. They kind of all feel the same and we believe you play one, you don't need to play the others.

The latest release in the Mario franchise, Mario Odyssey, did breath some fresh air into the series but we want something more drastic! Bring back Paper Mario, or make another really strange game like Super Mario Bros. 2! Maybe spice it up even more and make a Mario game in the style of Viewtiful Joe, that would be sweet. We just really want something new and fresh. Please Nintendo, change the way Mario looks in the next release.

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