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Northwest Arkansas Comic Convention 2022 -- Floor Tour -- Pickups -- Do You Nerd for Conventions?

Welcome Nerdlings to our convention event coverage of the 2022 Northwest Arkansas Comic Convention. Hold on--this con is much more than just comics! Wait until you see the sheer collection of retro and modern toys on display and for sale here. If there's any bit of 80s, 90s, even early 200s nostalgia in your body you're sure to find something of your fandom, whether it's from a video game like the Final Fantasy series or any number of figure from a classic horror movie franchise such as Evil Dead, Hellraise, Friday the 13th and more. There are replica weapons such as foam swords that would go perfectly with your cosplay. And the celebrity guests on hand were so cool and friendly. Booker T and Ted Dibiase for the wrestling fans; Tobias Jelinek and Larry Bagby from Hocus Pocus, and especially for our stop for a buddy of ours, the Power Rangers Catherine Sutherland and Karan Ashley--plus so many more! And the LEGO setup! Plushies! Funko pop and anime loves--THIS convention had you covered too!

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