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Official Playstation 1 Loot Box -- UNBOXING!

You've seen them online and in stores such as Target--this trend of mystery boxes or loot crates that are themed out for one specific game or franchise. Often they show what's in the box to help you determine if it's worth the price despite losing the mystery. Sometimes knowing what's in the box DOES help justify the cost--is that the case with this PS1 mystery box?


According to the box, this is an officially licensed product of Sony Playstation. There's some benefit to that as it means it's not just a box filled with leftover subscription box leavings. But does the Sony holo-foil sticker hold the same credence as the Nintendo seal of quality did?

Was it Worth it? That IS the question--we know what was in the box before buying but we still wanted to see it for ourselves. There are some quality items here for sure--definitely some functionality to these collectibles for the game room. However, there are also some questionable loot pieces as some of this merch has us scratching our heads.

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